Hello World, just another

Hoping a better world with right things.

Photo by Alex Hockett on Unsplash

Designers and developers community is full of excitement, new ideas, theories, experiments and furnished products are joining the flock every next moment. Such a huge amount of that kind of stuff coming rapidly, the community is very progressive and productive. Produced ideas within the community running the multi billion dollar businesses across the world.

How is this possible a community, a hard of people such a productive! Definitely it can be, because of ever joining fresh minds that are overflowing just like a cry of a newly born baby.

A “Hello World” every another is a new cry by a newly born, may be the cry be same but it a whole a new one. A unicorn in itself, seeing the world for the first time in its own prospects, observing some problems as a solution and taking some solutions as an option, that’s a good thing.

An example from my own experiments, just pick a white paper and a pencil to ask people draw a line on it, just a line nothing specified, the result will be a lot of lines and no one matching even any other of them. Every new arrival is here to draw his own line that never been drawn and never will be without him.

Actually I’m not a newcomer to the community but I want to put my words as a new one to inspire the upcoming ones. Raise your roar! You are the one community waiting for. Such progress and productivity possible by every new joining like you and me. Good luck to me, of course you too!

So, don’t be curious lot more … Say Hi to Blog by Resoource and as a person me Sohail Sarwar, just hoping a better world with right things.